State-of-the-art MachineryVertical Textiles is a premier manufacturer of knit lifestyle apparel.

Through its in-house system of vertically integrated manufacturing, Vertical Textiles is able to develop innovative products while controlling quality, costs and timely delivery of retail-ready production. Headquartered in Miami, Florida with nearshore production facilities in the Dominican Republic, Vertical Textiles offers clients duty-free access to the United States and Europe via CAFTA-DR. 


Vertical Textiles is driven to produce quality apparel for the individuals and families that ultimately wear its products. Quality is controlled at every stage of production by conducting systematic testing and monitoring results. Our product management team tracks orders from design to delivery, ensuring effective quality control response.

Product Development

Through our system of vertical integration, we are able to customize the various elements of design and create unique products that will differentiate your brand from the competition. Our product management team will assist you and enhance your ideas and vision with efficient solutions and recommendations on current trends.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Vertical Textiles is committed to providing a healthy, legal, ethical and environmentally conscious workplace for its members. Vertical Textiles is compliant and certified by various third party agencies, including WRAP.


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Our Customers

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